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Monday, April 18, 2011

Useful Websites

The following are various websites which will help you in your research for creating your wedding plan for Romeo and Juliet.

Wedding Customs:

Fashion: Dress a doll in Elizabethan clothing to visit the queen


Games and Activities:

Shakespeare's Sonnets:

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Romeo and Juliet Major Project

Romeo and Juliet got married secretly during the play. We are going to be pretending that the Lord and Lady Capulet approve of the wedding and the families have hired you to plan Romeo and Juliet's wedding.

When creating your book you will get 2 or 3 binder rings to attach the pages together. You can decorate your book with ribbons, diamond decals, markers, paints, sparkles, etc. Make sure your book looks neat and attractive. You may even dye the pages with tea bags to make them look old, rip the edges, crinkle parts of the pages, anything as long as the book looks neat. The writing can be either printed on the computer or hand written.

Your wedding plan will consist of the following pages in this order:

1.  Cover Page   (5 marks)
--You will find a quote from the play that you feel will be a good quote of the cover of the plan book 

2. Table of Contents   (5 marks)

3. Character Sketches (10 marks)
--You will have a separate page for each Romeo and Juliet
--On this character sketch you will include their personality traits with 2 quotes supporting the traits.  You will then figure out their zodiac sign from the picture.  
--Finally in this section you will write a short paragraph stating whether or not Romeo and Juliet are compatible based on their zodiac signs. 

4. Invitation (10 marks)
--Though invitations were not sent out for early Elizabethan weddings you will create a wedding invitation stating whom the wedding is for, the date, time, place and reception time and place for the wedding.
--You can be as creative as possible for this part of the assignment. 

5. Guest List (5 marks)
--This page will include the guests whom will be invited to the Montague/Capulet wedding.

6. Seating Chart  (5 marks)
--you will create a seating chart for the guests at the wedding making sure no one will be fighting.  Explain why you would put each character in the post you chose.  You may use all the characters in the play including the one whom have died.

7.  Itinerary (5 marks)
--In point form make a list with times for how the day will be laid out, starting when Romeo and Juliet will wake up, get dressed, if their hair is going to be done, etc. to when the guests will go home.

8. Fashion (10 marks)
--This will consist of two pages, one for each character, on what Romeo and Juliet will be wearing to the wedding.  Include pictures or drawings with a short description on why they would wear that clothing.
--Juliet's fashion will have more pictures and descriptions because of the various things which she will have.  For example, what flowers Juliet will be holding, are there going to be flowers in her hair, how is her hair going to be styled, etc. **Every little thing that will be on Juliet and Romeo will be shown on these fashion pages.

9. Vows (20 marks)
--Come up with vows which will be said by Juliet and Romeo during their wedding.  The vows can be a compilation of various quotes from the play as well as exerts from sonnets, etc. 

10. Menu (20 marks)
--Create a menu with appetizers, main dishes and desserts.  Include the recipes on separate pages as well.

11. Games and Activities (30 marks)
--Have at least 3 games and/or activities to keep the guests entertained.  Also include the directions on how to play the games, activities, dances, etc

12. You must include a properly formated works cited page which will consist of the different texts used to complete this assignment.  This includes all information, recipies, fashions, games, picutes etc.  Remember to have this page laid out in alphabetical order.

13. Back Cover Page (5 marks)
-- This page will have you name, class, and date on it. 

In addition you will be marked on overall:
Grammar and Spelling: 10 marks
Creativity: 10 marks
Neatness: 10 marks
Including all parts of the assignment: 10 marks